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Thank you for your interest in the Dabbs Hotel Concert Series — on the Llano River at 112 E. Burnet St. in Llano’s historic Rail Yard District. We have here provided detailed information regarding these events. Please read carefully before calling with questions. Thank you! 

Young and Rusty

Young and Rusty have performed at the Dabbs RailRoad Hotel on the Llano River

Events Calendar
See our Events Calendar for a full listing of upcoming performances.
Doors at the hotel open to the community no more than one hour before show time. Please check the Events Calendar for exact show time for each date. The time listed on the Events Calendar is the actual performance start time (rather than the “doors open” time). A “typical” performance lasts about two hours. 

Cash Cover Charge
The cash cover charge is usually $15 per person, $25 per couple. Any two people (friends, etc.) may attend as a “couple” for cover charge purposes. Price includes a light meal. Please enter the grounds or building only by first entering through the front door of the hotel, where you will be checked-in for the event. (Anyone attempting to snorkel in from the river will be tossed back into the river.) Exact change is appreciated. Check the Events Calendar for the exact cover charge amount for the event that you are interested in attending. Please, no checks or credit cards. Payment is made at the door. We do not take advance payment. 
Late arrivals must still pay full price, no matter how late the arrival time.

Children and Overnight Guests
Children twelve years of age or under may attend free of charge but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. (Each child, like each adult, also requires a reservation for any indoor performance in which the child needs his/her own seat.)
Overnight guests of the hotel are given access to that evening’s Hotel Concert Series performance without need to make event reservations or pay the cover charge. The event reservation and cover charge are included in the room reservation and rental.

Limited Open Seating
Each Dabbs Hotel Concert Series event is a limited, open-seating event. Chairs and tables are accessed on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Parties wishing to sit together at the same inside or outside table will need to work that out for themselves after arriving by working with others attending the event. Check the Events Calendar to determine whether a particular performance is taking place indoors or outdoors.

Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines

Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines have performed at the Dabbs RailRoad Hotel on the Llano River

No reservations required for outdoor performances.
During the pleasant weather Spring and Fall months, most events will take place outdoors. You may wish to bring your own fold-out chair to guarantee seating as the number of outside chairs is limited. It’s a good idea to leave your fold-out chair in your vehicle until you determine whether or not it is needed. Two downstairs restrooms are available indoors.

Inclement Weather
If the weather turns “bad”, any Dabbs Hotel Concert Series event may be cancelled and any outdoor event may be changed to an indoor performance with little or no notice. 
In such a case, if all indoor seating is taken, you’ll need to stand inside or listen from the covered outside deck seating area. All windows along the deck will be opened to allow the music to be easily heard. The performers will be readily visible from the covered deck, even when performing inside. An event being moved indoors, even with little or no notice, is not cause for refund.

Reservations are required for performances scheduled to take place indoors.
During the cold Winter and hot Summer months, most Dabbs Hotel Concert Series events will take place indoors. Inside seating is more limited and requires a reservation. The reservation guarantees a seat but not at a particular table. A reservation is also required for each child needing a seat. Reserve your seat for an indoor performance, no more than six days before a particular performance, by sending an email with you name, telephone, and the number in your party to (events) (at) (this website’s domain)Please, no phone calls.

Visiting during a Performance
Please silence your phones during performances. It is also requested that those wishing to engage in lengthy and/or loud conversational visiting do so by moving to the outside deck during indoor performance events, or away from those tables nearest the performance during outdoor events. Please respect the privacy of the hotel’s overnight guests by not going upstairs during any event.

Dabbs Hotel Concert Series

Deanne Rene and Cheryl Murdock perform at the Dabbs RailRoad Hotel on the Llano River.

BYOB and Smoking Policy
Every Dabbs Hotel Concert Series performance is a BYOB event. We do not sell alcohol. Large beer coolers need to be stored outside, even during indoor performances. There is a covered side patio on which coolers may be stored during rain. While you are free to bring liquor, mixed drink set-ups will not be provided. Complimentary food, wine glasses, bottle openers, coffee, tea and drinking water will be provided. Please make use of the provided recycling bins (kept outside during all events). Anyone providing alcohol to a minor will be asked to leave and not return. Smoking is allowed only in designated outside areas.

Family-Friendly but No Pets
While drinking is permitted at the Dabbs Hotel, every event in the Dabbs Hotel Concert Series is a family-friendly event. Please be cognizant of the presence of children. Children twelve years of age or under may attend free of charge but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Reservations are required for all adults and any child needing his/her own seat during an indoor performance. (Reservations are not required for anyone for outdoor performances.) Anyone providing alcohol to a minor will asked to leave and not return. We cannot allow pets during Concert Series events, not even when the performance takes place outdoors.

Other Events
See the Events Calendar for a listing of all the great artist performances coming-up in the Dabbs Hotel Concert Series. The Events Calendar will also list many of the other public events happening at the hotel.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Dabbs RailRoad Hotel Concert Series — on the Llano River!

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