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Exclusive use of Entire Hotel*
$1000/Over-Night (24 hr period)*

Available only in 24 hr blocks. Price is based upon a discount from the sum total of all private bedrooms in the hotel, plus the sum total price of all single beds in the hotel’s shared rooms. As price is already discounted from sum total of all rooms, multi-day discounts do not apply when renting entire hotel.

Exclusive/private use of entire hotel means that no other guests, outside your group, will be staying at the hotel. Included for your use are both floors, all bedrooms and bathrooms, covered patio, dining area, front porch, both decks and yards and full access to the large fully-equipped modern kitchen. Ask about catering options.

*Note One:
While we are flexible, we ask that members of your party do not arrive before 3pm on the first day of your event.  We also ask that the last members of your party have departed no later than 3pm on the last day of your event.

Exclusive Hourly Use of Hotel Common Areas**
Available only in 4 & 8 hour blocks

1-4   hours   =   $400.00
5-8   hours   =   $700.00
over 8 hours   =  $1000.00

Billing is rounded to the nearest hour, based upon first arrival and last departure time.

Hourly rental of hotel means us of hotel downstairs common areas, does not include upstairs area or any bedrooms. Included for your use are two downstairs restrooms, covered side patio, dining/meeting area with large screen TV / PC presentation monitor, front porch, lower back deck, backyard and full access to the large, fully-equipped modern kitchen. Ask about catering options

**Note Two:
Please add-in your set-up and clean-up time (counted as part of your total event time). While we are flexible, we ask that you set-up immediately before your event and clean-up immediately after. If you need to set-up on the previous day, or clean-up the next day, the same hourly rates apply.

Individual Room Rentals also available.

Call 325-247-2200 for more information.

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