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Exclusive December Rates

Host your Holiday Party at The Dabbs!

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Llano Festival Lights

Regular Rates:                        Holiday Rates:

4 hr rental: $350.00                4 hr rental: $300.00

24 hr rental: $1250.00           24 hr rental: $1000.00

4 hour rental includes for your use two downstairs restrooms, covered side patio, dining/meeting area with large screen TV / PC presentation monitor, front porch, lower back deck, backyard and full access to the large, fully-equipped modern kitchen. Ask about catering options

24 hour rental includes all that comes with 4 hour rental plus upstairs bedrooms.

**A special $750.00 rental price will be applied if using one of our 3rd party caterers.

**If using one of our 3rd party caterers, kitchen use will remain exclusive to caterer. 

Please add-in your set-up and clean-up time (counted as part of your total event time). While we are flexible, we ask that you set-up immediately before your event and clean-up immediately after. If you need to set-up on the previous day, or clean-up the next day, the same hourly rates apply.

Individual Room Rentals also available.

Call 325-247-2200 for more information.

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