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Individual Room Rentals
Call 325-247-2200 for more information.

Multi-night discounts apply at 2 or more nights
Multi-room discounts apply at 2 or more rooms
Combining Multi-nights with Multi-rooms does not increase discount 

The Dabbs Hotel sleeps a total of 18 guests — 2 in each of the six private bedrooms (five with one full-size bed, one with two single beds) and 6 more in the sleeping porch with 4 single beds and one full sized.

Private Bedroom at the Dabbs Hotel on the Llano River

Panoramic Image of a Private Bedroom

Each private bedroom has only one full-size bed (except one bedroom, which has two single beds). The private rooms and sleeping porch are all served by four remodeled full bathrooms. We limit bookings such that each individual, couple, family or small group may be assigned an exclusive use bathroom. In keeping with the authentic experience of a historic railroad hotel, there are no bathrooms in any of the bedrooms

Weekend pricing includes breakfast for each person in your party:

Private Bedrooms — $125/room/night on weekend
$100/room/night for two weekend nights
$100/room/night for two or more rooms on weekend
$100/room/night during week (no breakfast during week)
$75/room/night for two or more week nights
$75/room/night for two or more rooms during week
Combining multi-nights with multi-rooms does not increase discount 

Each of of the following rooms has one full-size bed (excluding the Rio Grande, with two singles) for one or two person occupancy. The number of occupants does not affect the price.

Upstairs Private Rooms

East Wing (enjoy morning sun through windows):
Click room name for panoramic pic of room.

The B&O — Corner room, at very top of stairs, with windows on two walls (windows face south and east).

The Rio Grande — Central room directly across from bathroom with two single beds, ideal for two singles adults or one adult with one child/teen.

The SR — Most secluded room on east wing, (furthest room, on the east wing, from top of stairs) directly across from bathroom.

West Wing (widows face south, toward river):
Click room name for panoramic pic of room.

The Western Pacific — Little foot traffic to/from other rooms passes by this room.

The Santa Fe — Most secluded room on west wing. Corner room with windows on two walls (windows face south and west), bathroom directly across the hall, and immediately adjacent the more intimate, upstairs deck (other guests may use deck as well).

Downstairs Private Room
Click room name for panoramic pic of room.
The Southern Pacific — Corner room with one full size bed and windows on two walls (windows face north and west). Only room with wood siding, giving the room a “warm” feeling. Slightly larger than upstairs rooms but is least secluded (located near front door). Good for individual/couple who prefer to not use stairs.

Shared Sleeping Porch

Shared Sleeping Porch

Shared, Indoors (enclosed & air conditioned), Upstairs “Sleeping Porch” (suitable for single adults or children/teens)
Four single beds and lots of windows on two walls (west and mostly north facing), and one full-size bed in a semi-private room (entered/exited through shared room), also with lots of windows on two walls (east and mostly north facing).

$75/single bed on weekends
$60/single bed during week (no breakfast)
$50/single bed all nights (continental breakfast only on weekend)
Teen pricing applies only to single beds.
Children 12 yrs of age and younger
Free of charge at all times but must use single beds.
Only one child per bed.

No multi-bed or multi-night discounts apply on single beds.

Semi-Private Room

Semi-Private Room Accessed Via Sleeping Porch

Single beds on sleeping porch are rented individually.
It is not necessary to rent the entire sleeping porch (but you must rent at least two of the single beds to secure porch) — and we will not mix strangers in this shared room. The beds are rented on a first come first served basis. For example, if you rent only two of the single beds for your party, you have secured the room. The other two beds will not be rented to another party.

As children/teens must be accompanied by an adult/s using the semi-private room accessed via the sleeping porch, they must use the single beds in the sleeping porch. Therefore, we cannot accommodate more than four total children/teens.

One infant/toddler may share full size bed with the the infant/toddler’s actual parent/s. There are no other hotel accommodations for infants or toddlers.

Event Space and Entire Hotel Rental also available.

Call 325-247-2200 for more information.

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