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Dabb’s Hotel Newsletter — Summer 2015


Llano EcoWeb, 4th of July, Llano River’s Flow, Llano Uplift Cycling, LEAF and the Paranormal!

Llano EcoWeb kick-off charrette at the Dabbs RailRoad and River Hotel!

The Dabbs Hotel, in association with All Green Landscaping Services and CRxRC, will host an event (possibly a Llano EcoWeb Logocharrette), tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Friday, September 18th (the Autumn Equinox weekend) to help kick-off the Llano EcoWeb (website just created, still evolving), a community endeavor focussed on promoting ecological initiatives for, and the geological significance of, Llano (the communities, the river, the uplift). There is an initial 22-point proposal to get the conversation started. Please bring your own ideas and inspirations. Be sure that you are receiving notifications from the Dabbs Hotel Facebook Page. More details will be coming soon.

The Dabbs Hotel will host author Tom Youngholm‘s “Living a Balanced Life” seminar

This seminar will possibly be in held conjunction with the Llano EcoWeb event on the weekend of Friday, September 18th. Details TBD. Stay tuned.

Watch Llano’s annual Fourth of July, Rock’n Riverfest fireworks from the Dabbs Hotel!


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Come stay at the Dabbs Hotel this Fourth of July weekend and enjoy the annual fireworks display directly from the back deck of the hotel — made better than ever with Llano’s new designation as a “Dark Skies Community“. This year’s daytime activities include Jet Ski races on Llano’s Town Lake, newly recharged by recent rains and newly deepened by recent dredging. The Jet Ski races take place at Badu Park, a very short walk from the hotel. Swimming and kayaking are also available at Badu Park, with easier access is now available via a recent, city-created river access point.

The Llano River and waterfalls look better than they have in years! See it now from the back deck of the Dabbs Hotel! Swim and Kayak!

Flowing Llano River Falls

Llano Lake DredgingLlano’s Town Lake, a very short walk upriver from the Dabbs Hotel, had been recently drained in order to allow a much-needed removal of soot, sand and gravel from the reservoir’s bottom. The dredging lasted for a few months. While this had temporarily taken-away the waterfall over Llano’s Town Lake dam (always very visible from the Dabbs Hotel), it had also provided a unique opportunity to see the Llano River’s natural flow path in the area where the lake normally exists. This opportunity had not been available for decades. Now though, not only is the waterfall back, its flowing better than it has in years thanks to recent heavy rains. The city has also created a new, easy access point into Town Lake for kayakers and swimmers. Come enjoy!

Cycling the Uplift — all bike paths lead to Llano and the Dabbs Hotel.


bikes inside hotel

The Llano Uplift is increasingly known as a cyclists’ destination — and the City of Llano is in the center of the uplift (with the Dabbs Hotel in the center of the city). The road leading from Llano to Castell and back, closely following the Llano River (with just a few river-crossing points available between the two towns), is especially gaining popularity. There are now a couple road-cycling events each year, sponsored from Castell, while Llano’s own Grenwelge Park offers excellent challenges to test your mountain-biking skills.

Cyclists at the Dabbs HotelThe group pictured here pedalled from Fredericksburg, through the beautiful Willow City area, then along the west side (“back-side”) of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, toward Llano. They stayed at the Dabbs Hotel, enjoying their own homemade (and excellent!) margaritas while playing a makeshift game of golf (very fun!) on the hotel’s backyard grounds, on the banks of the Llano River. They then enjoyed a hearty breakfast, prepared by the hotel’s stewards, before they continued on to Castell.

Adventurous “all-terrain” cyclist types might also enjoy pedalling the dirt roads, criss-crossing Sandy Creek, through the Click, TX area, in the ruggedly stunning Riley Mountain Range (where there are numerous caves), very near the City of Llano (just to the southeast of town).

Llano Earth Art Fest and the Dabbs RailRoad and River Hotel — a great synergy! 

Rock Stacks at LEAF

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The first ever Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF) (originally named the “Llano Texas Enchanted Rock-Stacking Festival”) was a phenomenal success — and the Dabbs Hotel (the first sponsor to sign-on in support of the fest) was honored to have been a granite-level sponsor of (what is now) a premier eco-event for the Community of Llano (and the whole of the uplift). We were also thrilled to have hosted the festival’s opening, “meet-and-greet the artists” reception and kick-off party. A great time was had by all. Llano is now known for its precariously and beautifully arranged rock stacks rising all over town, on the river banks and elsewhere upon the uplift!

Light Paranormal Events — A Haunting at the Dabbs Hotel

Light Paranormal Events

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The Dabbs Hotel can’t wait to host Light Paranormal Events (members from around Texas) on the night of Saturday, June 27th. This event is entitled “A Haunting at the Dabbs Hotel”.  Members of the group will stay-up all night (sleeping during the day), bringing their paranormal investigation equipment and experience to the task of uncovering paranormal phenomena in Llano and at the Dabbs Hotel — a hotel infamous for its guests’ occasional chance encounters with the hotel’s own (mostly ;-)) friendly “ghost”!


Weddings, Receptions and the Dabbs Hotel’s support of the Llano Fiddle Fest and its ongoing support of CASA.


CASA leaders

Llano Fiddle Fest

Fiddle Jam at the Dabbs Hotel

Everyone had a blast at the fiddle jam, hosted by the Dabbs Hotel during the last Llano Fiddle Fest.

In addition to our regular, busy schedule of Spring Wedding events and Reception Party hostings (two on back-to-back weekends this past Spring)…

Last month, the Dabbs Hotel again hosted members of the Highland Lakes chapter of CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates for children — during their volunteers recruitment planning meeting. The hotel discounts non-profit organization event hostings.


The Dabbs Hotel has your key to Llano — the community, the river, the uplift!


keyrobesEnchanted RockThe Summer Season is a great time of year to enjoy a morning cup of joe or an evening cocktail, with your significant other, on the Dabb’s more intimate, upper deck. And, believe it or not, due to heavy rains, the Hill Country’s wild flowers are still in bloom while rivulets are still flowing down Enchanted Rock into Sandy Creek!

The Dabbs Hotel has your key to Llano — and your fluffy, white cotton, terry-cloth bathrobe too!


Llano App

Be sure to install the free “Llano” app on your iPhones, Droids, Tablets & iPads!


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