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Summer 2019 in Llano

Summer has Arrived
in the
Texas Hill Country

It’s summer in Llnao! Abundant rain this past Spring means that the Llano River is flowing and Llano’s Town Lake is full of water. Both the lake and river are inviting you to swim, kayak, tube and/or paddle-board — and both are accessible via very short walks from the Dabbs Hotel.

The Devil’s Waterhole is also a popular swimming spot at nearby Inks Lake State Park, adjacent Longhorn Caverns (which offers cave crawling/exploring/spelunking).

Enchanted Rock? Summer means that E-Rock is now not as busy, and early morning or late evening hikes and climbs are still great. The Rock is a 20-minute drive from the Dabbs Hotel.

And there are always nearby area wineries to visit!


Darrell Staedtler
Songwriter Series

The Dabbs Hotel is restarting its very popular house concert series, rebranded as the Darrell Staedtler Songwriter Series, in honor of local Llano famous songwriter Darrell Staedtler, and still hosted by W.C. Jameson.  Read below for information concerning this Thursday evening’s house concert, with special musical guest Joe Forlini. (There will NOT be music every Thursday. Please see our Events Calendar for concert dates.)

Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist
Joe Forlini

Joe Forlini

Joe Forlini

Hosted at the Dabbs Hotel
Presented by singer/songwriter W.C. Jameson

In addition to being a fine songwriter, Joe is one of Texas’ finest guitarists and has toured and/or recorded with Jerry Jeff Walker, Larry Joe Taylor, Augie Meyers, Joe Ely, Gary P. Nunn, Rusty Weir, Steve Fromholtz, W.C. Jameson, and others. Joe is also one-half of the dynamite Forlini-Cross Band.

Joe Forlini
Thursday evening, June 20th at
(doors open 6pm)
at the
Dabbs Railroad Hotel on the Llano River
$10 Suggested Donation (Snacks provided. BYOB)

Special Hotel Rates
Independence Day Weekend

The Dabbs Hotel is offering special lower rates for those wishing to stay with us all three nights of the long Independence Day weekend. Call 325-247-2200 to discuss rates and to book.

Fireworks over the Llano River, on the evening of Thursday, the 4th of July, are readily visible from the Dabbs Hotel. Our backyard and deck and popular viewing places each year. The Rock’n River Fest on Llano’s Town Lake, happening on Saturday, July 6th, is just a short stroll from the Dabbs Hotel.

Fireworks over the Llano River
at the
Dabbs Hotel

Thursday, the Fourth of July

The back deck and grounds of the Dabbs Hotel are always popular places from which to watch 4th of July fireworks. This year, we’ll experiment with making it more of a family event by providing ice cream (and asking a small donation). Stay tuned to our FB page for more details.

Rock’n River Fest on Saturday, July 6th

The Rock’n River Fest on Llano’s Town Lake, happening on Saturday, July 6th, is just a short stroll from the Dabbs Hotel.

Rock'n River Fest

Summer Movie Nights at the Dabbs Hotel
Once Upon a Time in the West
Tuesday, June 25th, 6pm

The Dabbs Hotel will begin an experiment in hosting community movie nights on Tuesday evenings in our dining room. Why watch a movie at the Dabbs Hotel? Because it’s more fun to watch movies together! Our first movie, “Once Upon a Time in the West“, which has a near-perfect review rating, was chosen for two reasons…

Image result for once upon a time in the west

The Best Western Ever

First, it’s a movie that would seem to have broad appeal in Llano, given the community’s general cowboy/rancher heritage (railroads also play a major role in the movie). “Once Upon a Time in the West” is popularly and critically regarded as one of the best westerns ever made, even the best. (Be warned though, it’s a three hour movie.)

This 1968 classic of the genre stars Charles Bronson (in an amazing performance) as a drifter coming to the aid of a widow (played by the beautiful Claudia Cardinale) trying to protect her property from a slew of outlaws, especially their leader (Henry Fonda, playing against type). The movie features a memorable musical score by Ennio Morricone. It was directed by Sergio Leone, of “spaghetti western” fame, which brings us to the 2nd reason this movie was chosen as our first…

Tarantino’s Homage to Leone

It was chosen in anticipation of the upcoming movie by Quentin Tarantino, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood“! Tarantino was inspired by Leone, who made three movies using the phrase “once upon a time” in the title. (Leone’s last movie, “Once Upon a Time in America“, is widely considered his masterpiece.) Tarantino uses the phrase “once upon a time” in the title of his upcoming movie about 1960s Hollywood as an homage to Leone. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is already being called Tarantino’s best movie since “Pulp Fiction” (one of my all-time favorite movies).

Given that I’m a fan of Leone, and given that I’m excited about Tarantino’s upcoming movie, the choice for a first movie was practically made for me. Watch the trailer for “Once Upon a Time in the West” here…

Movie-Watching Logistics

We’ll watch the movie on the Dabbs big screen TV, bringing inside the more comfortable chairs from our back deck. Since it’s a three hour movie, we’ll vote, just before the start of the movie, whether to watch it all at once, or to watch the 2nd half the following week. (We’ll check-in again on that group decision at mid-movie.)

We can’t charge for movies, of course, but we will accept small donations. We’ll provide the drinking water and popcorn. You can also bring your own bevvies and snacks.

The first movie night will serve as a test case. If there seems to be community interest in continuing, we’ll do so somewhat regularly on Tuesday evenings through the summer. I’ll take input from the community on which movies to schedule but, in general, we’ll be looking for very unique movies and maybe even entertaining documentaries.


Summer Art Camps for Kids!

Local Llano Art Gallery, Supply Store and Studio, Calamity and Grace, is offering a series of art classes and camps for children. So, if you have children and you’d like to get away to Llano during the week, be sure to check-out C&G’s class schedule, while enjoying your guest stay in the Dabbs Hotel family room.No photo description available.

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